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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Ultra Rare MIKE SKIBA Custom Hihats 14” 947 1220 g EARLY CYMBAL-SMITH

Original price $599.99 - Original price $599.99
Original price
$599.99 - $599.99
Current price $599.99
  • Here’s a unique piece from a true artist in the Pantheon of modern cymbal-smiths. Along with Roberto Spizzichino, MIKE SKIBA and Matt Bettis were the pioneers who resurrected the art of modern cymbal-making back in the 1990s and early 2000s.  

  • As many a Cymbalholic knows, Mike Skiba did for Custom Cymbals what Johnny Craviotto did for Solid Shell Snare drums. He re-imagined and reignited the craft and left an indelible mark inspiring cymbal smiths and drummers alike. These 14s” exemplify his love and dedication to the craft. And I have never even seen Skiba Hihats before.

  • Weighing a perfect 947 and 1220 grams, these Custom Skiba 14” Hats have a wonderfully focused stick attack that is clean but also uniquely warm sounding. I believe these were born Sabian Manhattan Hats until Skiba anointed them and made them much more even, balanced and smooth sounding. They sound pre-eq-ed and have the slightest hint of complexity in there.

  • Clean. Warm with a nice, crisp clarity! Perfect for any style at all!

  • Signed by The Master himself with the weights under the bell.

  • To be be celebrated for the art they represent and passionately played for their tone.

  • I doubt hats like these will come around again - took me 20 years to find them.