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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

ULTRA Rare 1983 Vintage Paiste BLUE LABEL 22” 602 Heavy Flat Ride Sizzle 3464 g GOTTLIEB

Original price $699.99 - Original price $699.99
Original price
$699.99 - $699.99
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  • A Holy Grail Paiste - and one of the rarest! The Blue Label 602 22” Heavy Flat Ride.

  • They must have offered it for one week in 1983 because I’ve never seen another.

  • Made famous by Danny Gottlieb, Pat Metheny and that inimitable ECM sound. It’s the larger cousin to the Roy Haynes “Now He Sings, Now He Sobs” voice.

  • At 3424 grams it provides a pinpoint definition that is the epitome of that uniquely Paiste clean and glassy shimmer made famous by myriad recordings. A beautiful piece for the studio - nothing else captures this.

  • Being the “Heavy” the definition is strongest and it cuts a mix  quite well.  Clean and articulate under the mic, precise definition live.

  • With the generous 22” size it’s darker and lower pitched  than its little brothers and offers an expansive field for playing.

  • Adorned with 6 rivets to accentuate the shimmer. It’s like playing a serene lake!

  • Perfect from a delicate whisper to medium loud (because it cuts great for a Flat.)

  • Playable. Definitely collectible. The 1983 Blue Label 22” Flat - a famous signature tone you cannot find today.