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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Goldilocks Vintage 1950s Zildjian 20” Sizzle Ride 2397 g Attack + Sizzle

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$279.99 - $279.99
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  • A Vintage Zildjian 20” Sizzle that has aged 60 years is a damn fun cymbal to play!

  • And that is exactly what we have right here.

  • This particular 20” inhabits the Goldilocks zone of the perfect balance between stick definition and glorious, subtle light and lively wash.  This one has a little bit of shimmer on top.  It has that classic Zildjian 50s A bright attack but it is not at all harsh - it is mellowed by a 6-decade old patina. It sounds like it was plucked right off a Columbia Jazz Record.

  • 2397 grams ensures a terrific stick attack - especially for a Sizzle Ride. But this ain’t no Ping Ride. It’s the cymbal you hear on myriad recordings.

  • Primed for 4 rivets and currently outfitted with all 4. Adjust to your liking but it sounds great exactly where it is.

  • Excellent condition, slight center hole wear (typical on these vintage ones) because someone played the hell out of it in the 1960s because it’s a good one. Everyone has cymbals sleeves today.

  • Glorious Real Deal 1950s Sizzle that’s been making music for 60 years. 

  • Why spend MORE on the imposters?

  • Get this great attack Sizzle and grow old with it.

  • Perfect for any style of music.