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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


Original price $429.99 - Original price $429.99
Original price
$429.99 - $429.99
Current price $429.99
  • Here's an easy one...A new Paiste 602 20" Medium Ride will set you back $505!! OVER $500????

  • Well why not get THE ORIGINAL Vintage 602 MEDIUM from the 1960s !  For a hell of a lot less!! The actual Vintage BLACK LABEL "Medium"....none of this "Re-issue" horsecrap.

  • And this ain’t the heavier Ride. 

  • This particular one is THIN, LIGHT, and AIRY sounding.

  • Many 20” 602s from this era are in the 2400 gram weight range and offer a chime-like Ride tone, because most of them are Medium Rides. 

  • NOT THIS ONE. Shave off 200 grams and what you get is this rare, Factory Red Ink Stamped “MEDIUM” that is light, and airy sounding. It almost sounds like it already has rivets in it.  Subtle percolating, lightness to it. 

  • This cymbal is in absolutely fantastic condition for being 50 years old. Golden patina that chills it out beautifully. 

  •  A thin 2217 grams makes this 20” live up to its name, - “MEDIUM”…

  • Not a “MEDIUM RIDE.” But a “MEDIUM” meaning this 20” falls into that classic Paiste Multi Application place, Crash - Ride or Crash/Ride, like a Giant Beat.  And it is indeed thinner and more crashable. 

  • Amazing, deep, fanned-out style hammering on this particular 20”.  The surface is rippled and waved. Very beautiful! It looks like a kaleidoscope. 

  • Subtle, slightly complex, Light Ride tone or thinner Crash Ride tone.  Bright but with that famous SMOOTH Vintage 602 clean tone. Strong bell that cuts quite well - great 60s Rock tone. 

  • A lighter sounding, much thinner 602 20” that’s half a century old. 

  • No issues.  Great condition. A gorgeous collectible Original 602 from when Led Zeppelin was just forming. That’s pretty great! 

  • Don’t pay more for less. Get the RARE Original “Medium.” 

  • $429!  $449.