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HUGE 2 FOOT DARK VINTAGE Zildjian 1960s 24” Ride 3784 g Shimmering

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$399.99 - $399.99
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  • This 50-year-old 24” is an absolute blast to play!!

  • It’s like a K Light 24”, but 60 years old! 
  • This Zildjian inhabits that estuary where Classic Rock drummers like Mitch Mitchell and Ginger Baker were playing beautiful JAZZ cymbals because that’s who their heroes were. 

  • This right here is the vibe.  It’s a 24” but it’s fairly DARK sounding and could easily be a Main Ride for jazz or Big Band.  But it sounds so damn good in Rock!! 

  • Great shimmering wash, generous playing field.  Majestic bell! 

  • You can get different tones depending on where you play it. The bell is solid and piercing and has no problem projecting off stage. As you migrate down to the plain you get a Sweet and SHIMMERING attack and definition that is so familiar to the ears. And when you pull all the way back to that edge it unleashes a WALL of white noise thunderous CRASH RIDE.

  • Again, being an over half-century-old Zildjian A, this 24” does make great jazz or Big Band Ride too. It’s fairly dark and mellowed and dried out over the last 50 years.  It has that classic A tone but being the rare 24” is darker and lower-pitched than a 20” or even 22” and can easily be a soulful jazz ride.

  • And it has great light and glassy shimmer when played delicately.  Chime-like with a mellowed stick attack. 

  • It’s no surprise this 24” covers a lot of bases - it’s a 50-year-old Zildjian A!!  All those great rocks, soul, and jazz albums were done on Vintage Zildjian As.

  • 3784 grams. The gorgeous 5-decade old patina that mellows it. The Real Deal.

  • A glorious cymbal to explore.