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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

HOLY GRAIL Vintage Zildjian ISTANBUL K 22” Ride 2494 g

Original price $2,799.99 - Original price $2,799.99
Original price
$2,799.99 - $2,799.99
Current price $2,799.99
  • Everyone knows what this is…the cymbal cymbal-makers have been trying to make for eons.

  • I’ll keep it simple:

    Wonderfully LIGHT COMPLEX sounding crashable 22” REAL DEAL Vintage Zildjian handcrafted at the Turkish Zildjian ISTANBUL K Factory over half a century ago.

  • Exceptionally organic sounding with a natural smoky wash.  

  • 2494 grams gives it a terrific straight-up stick attack while the ripples of Hand Hammering fan throughout the entire plain of this 22”.

  • Very ART BLAKEY crashable and complex.

  • Plays like the perfect Thin to Medium Thin LIGHT Complex Ride - it has enough heft to give it a pronounced stick attack that has an organic light liveliness to it.  

  • A perfect blend of definition and wash.

  • Beautifully sculpted profile that ends with a pronounced tapered edge that invites that billowing crash - and that’s a beautiful thing on a 22”.

  • 5.5” bell is solid.

  • Stunning chocolate brown patina has built up over the last half-century and dries this K out beautifully. 

  • No issues. No cracks, dings etc.  Hand made.  Glorious.

  • As nice a piece as you will see.

  • Thinking of starting a cymbal company - start with this.

  • This Istanbul K 22” is to be celebrated for its history, cultural musical significance, artistry, and its sound.

  • Forged in Turkey, it’s been making music for the last half-a-century and has much more to say.

  • When perched on your kit, you don’t walk by…you sit down…and take one moment longer.