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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

RARE Discontinued BRILLIANT Zildjian FLAT RIDE SIZZLE 20” 2688 g

Original price $219.99 - Original price $219.99
Original price
$219.99 - $219.99
Current price $219.99
  • This was a hard cymbal to find even back in the day when it was produced. 

  • A BRILLIANT Finish Zildjian FLAT TOP Ride Sizzle that has aged beautifully over the last 25 years.  

  • Imagine a Zildjian A Custom Flat Ride mixed with the Vintage Paiste 602 Flat Ride. That’s the vibe of this 20”.  

  • It’s a perfect blend of the two - very tight and crisp, pronounced stick attack like the Paiste but with the clean, glassy shimmer of a Brilliant Finish a la A Custom. It’s much more defined and cuts better than the A Custom. 

  • It’s surprisingly “Now He Sings Now He Sobs” vibe.  It’s a standout higher pitched glassy tone reminiscent of the Roy Haynes and Chick Corea recording.

  • As many of you know the absence of a bell controls the overtones and volume in a Flat Ride, and that is exactly the case with this 20” - add the subtle Sizzle of 8 rivets and you have a glorious rain-on-the-roof vintage vibe! 
  • Pinpoint and penetrating that cuts very well without having a messy wash of overtones. 

  • 2688 grams gives this particular Flat Sizzle a very glassy shimmer to it, like the Paiste 602 Flat, but this penetrates a mix better than the thinner Paistes.

  • Wonderfully clean for 25 years old.  No issues.  

  • Unique, very defined tone. A signature piece to build a sound palette around. And you rarely see these.  This is a standout cymbal that sounds like nothing else made today.