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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

COMPLEX Vintage Zildjian China Boy High SWISH SIZZLE 18” 1318 g

Original price $199.99 - Original price $199.99
Original price
$199.99 - $199.99
Current price $199.99
  • Don’t pay $305 and guess at a big box store stock photo. Take a listen to this and buy with confidence.

  • Zildjian even had these as “Out of Stock” on their website.  You know what that means!  And this one is a SIZZLE SWISH KNOCKER with 3 brass rivets.

  • Very complex and vintage sounding - could be right out of 1959.  Super broad spread on this! 

  • Vintage Zildjian China Boy HIGH which gives this 18” a broad spread, high profile, and very complex tone. 

  • 1318 grams gives it a Thin constitution and it opens up with the slightest touch.  

  • The steep profile gives this China Boy High an exotic and cutting attack while the rivets contribute a warm, lush sizzling decay.  

  • Keeps a foot in old school exotic but can still penetrate a modern mix with ease. 

  • Cutting attack with a dark finish. 
  • Fantastic condition. No issues.  Very strong logos  Aged 35 years and overall clean with a nice patina that has grown. 

  • With a light touch you can ride on this beauty - as a KNOCKER.  

  • Don’t pay more of a big box store guess.  Get something you can hear and you’ll know you’ll like.

  • This one really sounds old school.