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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

ORIGINAL 1980s ULTRA DRY Zildjian K Custom DRY Ride 20” 2691 g CLEAN

Original price $339.99 - Original price $339.99
Original price
$339.99 - $339.99
Current price $339.99
  • Here’s the ORIGINAL DRY RIDE. And it is Ultra DRY!

  • 3 decade old ORIGINAL K CUSTOM DRY - back when Zildjian was experimenting with their brand new K line. This was one of the first K Customs they introduced.  

  • And this particular one is in great shape for being 30 years old! Very strong logos on this famously earthen looking 20”.

  • This is the first truly DRY K Zildjian produced - long before all the various offshoots we see today.  And all the Zildjian artists sported this K Custom back in the day too. 

  • Check out the craftsmanship on THIS beauty! That ain't the modern K Custom Dry Ride. The surface is slightly wavy from all the deep and heavy hammering! And the hammering looks more random! And the bell is more rounded over and subtle. It looks a bit more like a Hand Hammered cymbal.

  • Weighing in at a lovely 2691 grams this Early K Custom Dry Ride plays like a medium-medium heavy ride-but it's DRY. 

  • As you can see, it is unlathed, raw, hammered. The bell is strong-but it's a different shape than the modern K Dry Ride. It projects quite well and it slightly integrated. As you migrate down towards the plain, the cymbal opens up just a pinch however it's obviously still very dry sounding. The wash is subtle and remains very controlled.

  • This particular 20” Custom Dry is all about the attack. 

  • Tons of straight up stick definition with a very controlled 80s K wash that dissipates quickly. That is this beauty.

  • VERY Dry. Very dark.  Earthen. Organic. Raw. Extremely focused stick attack that cuts a mix with ease.  Still musical in a quiet setting.

  • Fantastic shape and harder to find. A hell of a lot of fun to play the 30 year old original from Zildjian’s first foray into the K Customs. The rest is history.