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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

VERY DRY Zildjian K Custom HIGH DEFINITION 22” Ride 2608 g Light Complex

Original price $359.99 - Original price $359.99
Original price
$359.99 - $359.99
Current price $359.99
  • Super DRY Zildjian K Custom 22” High Definition Ride with the most lovely, light complexity.

  • This 22” has an incredibly straight-up DRY stick attack…

  • ….but then there’s this light subtle breathiness in the wash.

  • I know, I know, it sounds like a fairytale! But here we are! 

  • Part of the charm of High Def 22” is that it is one of the very first redesign ones with the unlathed and raw underside. It’s tempered and AGED 14 years and it SOUNDS like a vintage version of itself!

  • 2608 grams gives it a Medium Thin to Medium weight.  Overall it plays like a lighter version of the series. 

  • Alternate gold and brown wide lathing with a raw bell and raw underside. This 22” looks like the long lost cousin to a K Constantinople. 

  • SUPER DRY. Very organic. A shadow of a light and breathy smoky wash. Very, very fast decay and quick responsiveness - especially for such a large cymbal.  Strong bell. Simply incredible stick articulations. 

  • Sounds amazing with fast and intricate patterns but sighs a dry breath with slow quarter notes. 

  • Perfect for soft to louder situations. 

  • No issues.  Beautiful patina that is starting to build and has definitely DRIED out the character of this 22”.

  • One of the first redesigns and it’s aged exquisitely.