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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

RARE Dry Light Zildjian 80s K JAZZ RIDE Sizzle 20” 2372 g

Original price $369.99 - Original price $369.99
Original price
$369.99 - $369.99
Current price $369.99
  • Rare ZILDJIAN with a fantastic blend of DRY, LIGHT and AIRY. 

  • 1980s Early K JAZZ RIDE Sizzle with a Brilliant Finish Shimmer. 

  • The traditional finish versions of this are pretty hard to find, hell, the Brilliant one I’ve only seen 2 or 3 in 25 years.

  • At a lovely 2372 grams this particular gem supplies an incredible stick attack - especially for a lighter K Sizzle. 

  • This K Jazz harkens from the first decade when Zildjian brought back the Zildjian Ks, with a little help from Tony Williams.

  • Light, airy stick attack with semi-complex spread compliments of the steep profile and generously rounded over 6” bell. Large circular 80s K hammering throughout the plain. A fairly thin edge makes it open up easily.

  • Rare Brilliant Finish offers a rare shimmering brilliance that floats above the wash.

  • Outfitted with 3 cluster rivets for a delicate, light Sizzle wash that’s a perfect tribute to JAZZ tones. 

  • Fantastic condition. Aged 40 years. No issues. Terrific patina. 

  • Collectible.