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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Supremely CRISP CLEAN Zildjian 14” ROCK Hihats 1262 1362 g

Original price $189.99 - Original price $189.99
Original price
$189.99 - $189.99
Current price $189.99
  • These are some of the CLEANEST, CRISP-sounding Hihats that Zildjian had ever made. 

  • And this particular pair is much more cutting and crisp than the newer re-designed ones. That I guarantee.  And they don’t cost $410

  • Don’t pay a fortune and don’t settle for intermediate crap!  Crappy cymbals suck to play!

  • Top of the line Zildjian 14” Rock Hihats in fantastic condition.

  • And this particular pair is fairly DARK sounding.

  • 1262 and 1362 grams. As you would hope, these Rock Hats pack a fantastic, cutting punch and projection.   

  • They’re like slightly darker Quick Beats.

  • What’s nice is that although these cymbals are Medium Heavy, they don’t clank!  They’re crisp, clean, tight, and very focused when closed.  They cut through a mix beautifully and that’s a terrific thing when you’re keeping TIME!

  • The quarter and eighth notes really shine through the din of rock. 

  • Very crisp and cutting. Focused, very articulate attack. Open them for a clean and raucous rock slosh. With these weights -  Incredible CHICK tone.

  • A hint of a CLEAN shimmer and darkness on this pair.

  • Great for medium to very loud settings. 

  • No issues. Great shape. The light patina that has built up and focuses that attack well!