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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

RARE Vintage Paiste Sound Creation BRIGHT MEDIUM RIDE 20” 2529 g SUPER CLEAN Look and TONE

Original price $399.99 - Original price $399.99
Original price
$399.99 - $399.99
Current price $399.99
  •  This series needs no introduction…

  • Some of the best Paistes fall under this umbrella - The SOUND CREATION! 

  • And this particular 20” is extremely clean too! It’s nearly 45 years old but looks about 4 months old! 

  • Clean looking. Very clean sounding.  

  • While other cymbal companies boast of their each-cymbal-unique approach, Paiste is known for its fastidiously clean, consistent tone. They’ve built their empire off that model. 

  • And in the annals of Paiste history, that’s exactly what makes this Sound Creations unique. This cymbal is made of the B20 alloy from the 70/80s. It’s like a seldom seem brother to the Vintage 602. 

  • Super fine lathing with the telltale Vintage SC hammering. 

  • Very chime-like SMOOTH stick attack that cuts extremely well but maintains a mellowness to it.  A perfect blend of crystalline, clean but with some warmth as well! 

  • And as promised, it is bright. But being the Sound Creation, it’s a different type of bright. 

  • Terrific definition that has no problem cutting - overall slightly complex yet not in a typical trashy fashion, this is its own world of complexity. Solid bell.

  • Sounds fantastic from low to loud volumes. Fantastic under the mic as well!

  • Incredibly clean - one of the cleanest I've seen. 

  • It’s a joy to play. And it’s a rare one! A lot of fun to explore.