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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

DARK Sabian Signature SATURATION Crash 18” 1414 g Raw Bell! Discontinued

Original price $279.99 - Original price $279.99
Original price
$279.99 - $279.99
Current price $279.99

$600.  That’s how much this cymbal costs - it’s right there on Sweetwater.  Crazy!  Sabian doesn’t really offer this cymbal anymore so of course they charge a premium for it.  

But you need not suffer such a fate!!  Not at all.  And you can actually HEAR this cymbal before you buy.  That’s the life we lead here chez hazelshould.

This is an absolutely sleeper cymbal - sounds absolutely incredible.  

Dark and full. It bends easily but STILL projects! It’s one of the nicest straight up Dark Crashes you will find. It’s incredibly versatile.  

Here’s how Sabian described this cymbal (before it became limited or discontinued:)

"Designed for Virgil Donati. Bright, powerful response boosted by a wide range of frequencies saturate the sound with color."

And that is accurate except that this particular Sabian is fairly dark sounding, I would not call it "bright."

This Crash is FULL and dark sounding. The tone is very well balanced. It's not bright, but it's not extremely dark either. It's overall fairly dark.

The wash is full and the sustain is medium to long. And this Signature Saturation Crash projects extremely well complements of that Raw Bell.  

The weight is 1414 grams and the edges are slightly bendable.

THIS Cymbal projects WITHOUT sacrificing tone!! It doesn't CLANK!

And therein lies the magic. Semi-dark with a strong projection-that's not an easy combination to find but here it is.

Bell is surprisingly solid - especially for an 18”.  

Swells beautifully with mallets too.  Very broad dynamic range.  

Can use it for absolutely any style - even jazz. It’s that versatile.  

Great shape. No issues.  Light patina that mellows it beautifully.  And no where near $600!