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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


Original price $379.99 - Original price $379.99
Original price
$379.99 - $379.99
Current price $379.99
  • This beauty is as fresh as tomorrow’s dawn!  Mint in the bag.  Only played for the video.  That’s it. 

  • And on Sabian’s website this cymbal comes up as “unavailable.” 

  • Don’t spend $470 on a google photo and a guess and UNAVIALBLE. 

  • That sucks. 

  • Listen to this HHX BRILLIANT and buy with confidence and…it’s AVAILABLE. 
  • As many of you may know, this HHX Medium is one of Sabian's newest offerings. They redesigned their catalog not long ago and this resplendent 20” is the fruits of their labor.  

  • FLAGSHIP Sabian HHX 20” Medium CRASH in the harder to find BRILLIANT FINISH. 

  • Sabian describes this cymbal as:
     The 20” HHX Medium Crash introduces a whole new design to the HHX line. Starting with a round of sparse hammering, followed by lathing, then denser HHX hammering over top, the result is a crash cymbal that is thinner, darker and faster than the HHX Stage Crashes it replaces. A slightly larger bell boosts volume and power – but this is a crash cymbal that trends lighter in weight than most Medium Crashes. The versatility to easily cross musical styles has always been a hallmark of the HHX line, and the HHX 20” Medium Crash delivers!”

  • That is SEXY as HELL!

  • Weighing in at a lovely 2120 grams this 20” plays like a generous DARK FULL Crash. The Brilliant Finish offers an incredible shimmer and gives it expanded darkness. 

  • The raw bell is rounded and gives this 20” extra projection while the edge and body taper into a Medium Thin to Medium. 
  • LOW and Dark. Glowing. Shimmering. Fantastic broad spread - semi complex and full. 

  • Penetrating attack with a ride-into-the-sunset decay. 

  • If you have a light touch, you can use this 20” as a very mellow, Dark Smooth Ride. It’s a fantastic Light Dark Ride. 

  • Responsive at lower volumes and definitely capable at loud to very loud settings.  Terrific dynamic range.  

  • Shimmers with a light touch.  Roars when leaned in to. 

  • Immaculate in the bag.  

  • Hardly anyone has a 20”  that you can actually HEAR! Don’t waste your time and more money on a stock photo and a guess and a wait.