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DARK DRY Discontinued Sabian HH CROSSOVER Ride 21” 2310 g CLEAN

Original price $329.99 - Original price $329.99
Original price
$329.99 - $329.99
Current price $329.99
  • Here’s a beautiful Sabian HH you can no longer get! And that’s a shame because it a a fantastic DRY and DARK 21”.

  • The Sabian HH CROSSOVER Ride in the 21” size and in fantastic condition.

  • The stick attack on this one is beautiful. It’s dry but also well balanced.

  • Sabian described this beautiful HH as:
    "Versatility without compromise. Semi-dark, musical tone with ride and crash capability and total stick articulation at all times."

  • Yeah!! Screw compromise man!!!

  • There are several unique features about this Sabian. As you can see, this cymbal has a RAW top that is barely lathed, and has the ballpeen hammering--like a Hot Ride. The underside of this cymbal however, is FULLY lathed, except for the bell.

  • I'm quaking with euphoria!! I no longer have to compromise! That is just dawning on me!

  • Weighing in at a lovely 2310 grams, this 21" plays like an earthy, Medium Thin fairly DRY Ride with a hint of complexity.  The tone is organic, fairly dark, and fairly DRY.

  • However, the initial stick attack has a nice, subtle spread. The Medium Thin weight gives this 21" some nice projection. The raw, slightly lathed top yields a prominent attack with controlled overtones--like a Jojo Mayer or Ralph Peterson Ride, however the unlathed bottom enables the wash to breathe and billow out, but it STILL remains controlled. This is an exceptionally well-balanced dark Sabian Ride. Very good definition with a dark, organic wash.


  • If you act now….

  • Yes, you CAN actually CRASH on this 21”. When shouldered, this Crossover acts as a BIG Medium Thin DARK Crash. And the bell is SOLID.

  • So of course….its no longer made!

  • But never fear! This one is gorgeous and in beautiful shape.  You need not roam the earth wailing.  

  • No issues. A fantastic harder to find HH that’s wonderfully versatile.