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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

GLORIOUS 24” Dark Dry Sabian APOLLO 24” Ride or Crash MULTI THIN 2712 g CLEAN AA

Original price $369.99 - Original price $369.99
Original price
$369.99 - $369.99
Current price $369.99
  • Looking for dark, dry, organic and crashable and rideable? And in a glorious 2 foot size???

  • Your search is over - some of the most underrated cymbals Sabian ever made. And my favorite in the Big and Ugly Series. This whopping 24” is DRY but far from dead. Thin but still has a great stick attack. Not labeled Crash nor Ride because it’s terrific as either.  It can be the only cymbal you bring to the gig. 

  • And this particular Apollo 24” is THIN. The edges bend with ease.  

  • As you can see, the top surface of this cymbal is RAW unlathed (or just very slightly lathed) on top however the underside is fully lathed providing added complexity to the dry attack of the top.

  • 2712 grams makes this glorious 2-footer the thinnest, most crashable one of these I’ve ever seen. 

  • As you would imagine, the attack is very prominent-compliments of that UNLATHED/VERY SPARSELY LATHED top- and the the wash is dark and controlled, definitely organic and ever so slightly complex—compliments of the lathed underside, however it certainly remains reined in. 

  • And that’s quite a nice thing on a huge thin 24”. 
  • Dark. Dry. Thin. Bendable edges. Very responsive. Opens quickly and easily. Very quick decay. Amazing and versatile 24”. 

  • Great condition. Light use. No issues.

  • Can occupy a lot of positions on the kit!

  • If you can find one these are $540 new and they’re hard to actually find in stock where you can hear it first - but you can listen to your heart’s content right here AND save a lot of money. The new one looks EXACTLY like this!