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EARLY Vintage SABIAN HH Hand Hammered 21” Heavy Ride 3298 g CANADIAN K Dark Defined

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$379.99 - $379.99
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  •  This is an EARLY Sabian HH Ride - and it’s in the damn near impossible to find 21” size!!  I’ve never even seen this cymbal in this size.  

  • This is the direct descent of the Zildjian CANADIAN K. I’ve owned several of those and that’s exactly how this Vintage Sabian Hand Hammered HH looks, feels and sounds. 

  • Same very low, deep profile and pitch, telltale heavy Hand Hammering all around the bell out to the edge. Incredible stick attack with a very dark wash. 

  • As many of you may know, Zildjian Canada became Sabian when the brothers had a hissy fit. Robert ZILDJIAN started Sabian.

  •  The 70s Zildjian Canadian Ks became 80s Sabian HHs, and are basically the scion of the vintage Old School (Istanbul) Zildjian Ks...before they disappeared for a decade and then entered the modern era. I believe the Canadian Ks (and Early HHs) were Hand Hammered by the Zildjian artisans from Istanbul who were brought over to the Zildjian Canadian plant in the late 60s/70s.

  • Weighing in at a GLORIOUS 3298 grams this Early Sabian HH 21” plays like a SUPER DARK CRISP Medium Heavy to Heavy Ride-a la Tony Williams weight.

  • The tone is DRY, dark, clean, controlled, and very smooth and balanced. As you would imagine, the stick attack on this beauty is absolutely fantastic, especially when played right beneath the bell. 

  • This 21” yields a chime-like, focused, low pitched stick definition that remains musical and is NOT clanky.

  • This Vintage HH Heavy 21” projects extremely well, better than any modern K that I've encountered, it has no problem cutting through in amplified music but can easily be reined in when played delicately out at the edge.

  • It's a 35 to 40 year old Hand Hammered 21” in the vein of the Zildjian Istanbul cymbalsmiths! It can cover nearly all the bases! And it's aged beautifully too!  

  • Use it for absolutely anything.  A rare 21”. Sounds amazing.