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$239.99 - $239.99
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  • How much does a Sabian HH 12" Sound Control Crash cost these days? Who the hell knows??? Good luck finding one! 

  • I have seen three of these in my life.  And you’re looking at one of them.  

  • But I'm here to shed a beacon of hope far and wide for HH lovers!!!

  • And this beauty is a Brilliant a finish too.  

  • Although it's a 12", it's actually stamped "CRASH. And it makes a magnificent FAST CRASH. 

  • Very Rare Vintage Sabian HH Hand Hammered SOUND CONTROL 12” Crash weighing in at a very thin 417 grams. The edges are easily bendable.  

  • Sabian described this cymbal as:

  • "Thin, flanged edge increases sensitivity and response rate, for fast, very glassy, splash-like sounds."

  • With a feather weight of 417 grams, this 12" Sound Control is bendable and plays soft. The tone is dark, the pitch is very LOW for a 12”. 

  • Extremely warm and MELLOW, the sustain is quick - like a Fast Crash. 

  •  As you may know, what makes the Sound Control  Series unique is that the outer 1/2 inch of the cymbal is slightly flanged upwards and thus provides a controlled wash and a controlled volume.

  • The end result is this Sabian 12" will not get away from you volume-wise. it remains mellow and responsive, especially at moderate volumes.  

  • This is a gorgeous DARK and warm small crash or Fast Crash cymbal that is not over powering or shrill and clanky.

  • No issues. Great light patina. Amazing shape - it’s 40 years old and sounds incredible. 

  • Damn near impossible to find.