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The First Sound Control? Vintage Sabian FLANGE RIDE Medium Heavy 20” 2159 g

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$279.99 - $279.99
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  • Wow!!  Here’s a super rare Sabian….from the very first years of existence!

  • The first Sound Control?  Well pretty damn close! Look at the hammering on the edge of this FLANGE RIDE - hell it’s not even dubbed a “Sound Control”  it’s before they even had that Series.

  • Extremely Early Vintage Sabian - like 1981 or ‘82 Medium Heavy FLANGE RIDE 20” is fantastic condition.

  • This rare beauty is from that tense time when Sabian was brand new to the scene and trying to usurp big brother - literally big brother - Armand Zildjian.

  • And Sabian’s penchant for experimentation was apparent even way back then - it shows up on this 20”. They were working their asses off to be able to compete in the rapacious cymbal market.

  • At 2159 grams this Flange Ride has a beautiful and unique hammered edge that indeed flanges upwards and mellows out this Vintage 20”. It’s like it borrowed a cup of PANG - there’s a light mellowness to this 20”.

  • Generous rounded over bell gives way to a gentle curved profile. Terrific stick definition with a warmth and controlled brightness. Penetrating bell cuts a mix well.

  • Extremely rare. Amazing shape for being 40 years old.  A snapshot of cymbal history that’s an inspiration to play - for the tone and for what it represents!

  • Very rare.