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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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$279.99 - $279.99
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  • These beauties have the auspicious Zildjian endorser picked “ZWC” under the bell! And they do indeed found particularly great!!  Ultra crisp and clean tone with a tremendous cutting ability and a bone crunching CHICK!
  • The last iteration of the Zildjian Z Series before it got rolled into the A HEAVY Series. And now…who knows where it all lies.  

  • Discontinued Ultra Crisp Endorsor Zildjian Z3 Brilliant Finish 14” MASTERSOUND Hihats that are in terrific condition.   

  • As you would imagine, these 14s” are ALL about CUT and PROJECTION. They excel in live and louder settings. They seem to have a pinch of Paiste CLEAN tone in them - which is why I dig them. 
  • Weighing in at a robust 1036 and 1287 grams, these 14” delivers a massive and cutting attack that is followed by a torrent of FULL WASH when opened. 

  • Clamp them down for a shimmering Excalibur style CHICK tone and an ultra CRISP and tight stick attack. 

  • Unhammered bell with telltale unique Z3 style hammering that goes straight out to the edge. Shimmering Brilliant Finish!

  • These Mastersounds even have subtle darkness to them - thanks to the Brilliant Finish. Darker than one might expect.  

  • Zildjian hit a home run with these 14s”. They do what is promised, unapologetically. 

  • Great shape! No issues. Light patina. 

  • You don’t find these around much these days - ultra-crisp and dark with a tremendous chick and cut.

  • Endorser picked.