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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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$369.99 - $369.99
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  • Gorgeous Hand Hammered Sultan Hihats from the company that kicked it all off 4 decades ago.  

  • Dont waste time and money on guesses! Have a listen to this exact pair so you can buy with confidence. Hell you hardly ever find these out there - especially not where you can hear them. 

  • FAMOUS ISTANBUL Mehmet Hand Hammered Sultans - Istanbul had been making these before ANYONE had seen this kind of craftsmanship and beauty. This is THE company that ushered in the old world craftsmanship - the kind of artistry that fomented a movement of boutique cymbalsmiths.

  • Istanbul’s old-world Zildjian Istanbul K-styled handiwork attracted the ears and signatures of jazz greats Mel Lewis and Elvin Jones. Istanbul ushered in what has now become a standard in Hybrids and Duos.  These guys were first. 

  • And the legacy continues with this mint pair of Sultans. 

  •  What's great about these specific Istanbul Mehmet Sultans is that they posses a very crisp and tight focused attack when closed, but they remain fairly DARK and in there is a hint of Hand Hammered complexity. You hear that Old World airiness that turned heads decades ago.  Open them up and you get a wonderful Hand Hammered sibilance but just for a moment. They remain smooth and controlled.  Fantastic chick when played with your foot.  

  • 1076 and 1272 grams.  Crisp and cutting but also DARK. 

  • Fairly DRY and focused stick attack, compliments of the raw, unlathed rings. Subtle Turkish wash that breathes life into a pattern but still remains controlled.

  • Responsive with a broad dynamic range. 

  • Perfect for soft to loud and for anytime you want to play something with soul.  

  • Immaculate shape.  Made famous decades ago. Still sound amazing.