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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Rare Vintage 1978 Paiste SOUND CREATION SOUND EDGE Dark Hihats 14” 1142 1266 g CRISP

Original price $599.99 - Original price $599.99
Original price
$599.99 - $599.99
Current price $599.99
  • A rare standout in the Paiste catalog and they’ve never achieved this sound since:

  • 1978 Vintage Paiste SOUND CREATION DARK SOUND EDGE 14” Hihats at 1142 and 1266 grams.

  • When these beauties debuted nearly 50 years ago they were the most expensive cymbals Paiste offered, and with good reason - they were quite the departure from the standard fare and were an exploration in new cymbal making techniques and tones.  Check out that fierce hammering. The bottom cymbal still has that super fine Vintage 602 style lathing but it’s the Sound Creation handiwork.

  • Paiste described these SC Dark Sound Edges as:
    “Heavier than any other Sound Edge cymbals but low, warm and full sounding. The blend between the two cymbals, when played with the sticks, is earthy, quick and rich. The ‘chick’ sound is sharp and solid and of medium pitch. These cymbals are versatile and can be used in any size group from small to large. They also respond with great quickness at any volume level. The feeling of these cymbals is sharp, dark and quick.”

  • And it indeed is true. The only tragedy is they’re damn near impossible to find…but not today.

  • Crisp. Dark. Cutting. Quick but still with a warm tone and that inimitable Paiste clean sound.

  • Fantastic shape.  No issues. You can still read the logo and their consecutive serial numbers - it’s amazing this pair has been together their entire lives!