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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

DARK FULL Masterwork 1/2 Lathe 17” CRASH 1184 g Part Traditional Part Turk MINT

Original price $199.99 - Original price $199.99
Original price
$199.99 - $199.99
Current price $199.99
  •  Here’s a wonderfully versatile cymbal - a great FULL Dark Crash with a strong attack and hint of complexity.  
  • Raw bell leading into a fully lathed and Hand Hammered plain but with the outer 2.5” unlathed like a TURK. 

  • That is this Masterwork 1/2 Lathe 1/2 Traditional 17”! It’s beautiful crafted in an immaculate condition.   

  • Have a listen. 

  • As you can see, this Sehhar Series is Heavily Hand Hammered throughout with a raw 2.5" on the edge. The interior and underside are fully Lathed. A gorgeous, hand crafted instrument and this one is very dark sounding.
  • Weighing in at a lovely 1184 grams, this Masterwork 17” plays like a Dark Full Crash with a hint of dryness  and complexity.  But it’s not overly trashy.  

  • It's fairly complex, although the wash is slightly focused, compliments of the unlathed portion. The pitch is medium-low. The bell is RAW and measures a generous 4.5” and is Unlathed, and provides a solid "DING" tone. You can draw different tones out of this cymbal when playing on the different surfaces....lathed or unlathed.

  • The overall tone is DARK, medium low in pitch, slightly smoky, very and organic, and slightly focused and controlled.  

  • At an 1184 gram weight you can get a very nice stick attack when you ride on it.  Being a 17” it responds faster and opens easier than an 18” or 19”   

  • The raw bell give it plenty of cut when crashed upon.

  • Perfect for medium low to loud settings. Has a soft whisper when played lightly but has no problem cutting mix. 

  • Immaculate shape. No issues.

  • A beautifully hand crafted, harder to find cymbal that’s remarkably versatile.