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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

ULTRA LIGHT Papery COMPLEX Bosphorus JAZZ MASTER 20” Paper Thin Ride Crash 1360 g MINT

Original price $349.99 - Original price $349.99
Original price
$349.99 - $349.99
Current price $349.99
  • A SPLASH RIDE? Here’s one of the THINNEST 20” cymbals you’ll find: at an incredible 1360 grams this gorgeous Bosphorus Jazz Master 20” could be played by a 🦋

  • This is what Bosphorus does best and this 20” is one of the best examples of it. This Jazz Master has a light, papery mellow complexity that is neither harsh nor clangy. And a light summer breeze will get it to crash - not much crashes like that. 
  • Light. Airy. Complex with a percolating warmth. 

  • Incredibly responsive. 

  • Harkens back to the complex Zildjians of the 1950s - that’s the vibe, but it has a bit more liveliness to it.

  • Sings in low volumes and crashes beautifully but with control - compliments of that thin weight. This golden Hand Hammered 20” has a particular airiness you just don’t find.