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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

RARE Discontinued Paiste Signature FLAT BELL CRYSTAL CRASH 18” 1473 g CLEAN

Original price $399.99 - Original price $399.99
Original price
$399.99 - $399.99
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  • Does Paiste even MAKE Signatures anymore?

  • Short answer is yes, but it's not the complete answer. There used to be 30+ Signatures, now there are like 3. And one of the casualties is staring you in the face. Do you have the will to look into the eyes of the dead?

  • Well if you feel like a Greek Hero prepared for the challenge...

  • No Longer Made Paiste Signature FLAT BELL Crystal Crash 18” in absolutely glorious condition!  

  • This gorgeous Paiste was only made for a brief period and it was hard to find even then! I saw it a the NAMM show and that’s about it!

  • And of course the Flat Bell - the famous BELL, indicative of Paste's perpetual dedication to innovation and experimentation.

  • Paiste described their Crystal Crash as:
    "Silky, full, shadowy, somewhat glassy. Fairly wide range, fairly clean mix. Very responsive, somewhat soft and smooth feel with an even fade.
    In the main, a medium volume crash with a silky, brilliant and warm character that is still strong enough to persilt in today's Pop and Rock music. Bigger sizes also very well suited for classical applications and mallets rolls."

  • What a lovely eulogy!

  • Weighing in at a perfect 1473 grams, this Crystal Crash plays like a beautiful 18” Thin or Medium Thin controlled crash. The tone is fairly DARK for a Signature. And warm. What's fascinating about this Paiste 18” is that it has all the clean and crisp vibe of a Signature 18”  HOWEVER, the wash and overtones are fairly controlled and the sustain is medium fast. Which is a pretty cool trick on a 18” Crash. The result is a Semi-Dark CONTROLLED Fast Crash...of course with that CLEAN, crisp Paste B15 tone. That famous clean sound!!

  • A fascinating and wonderful cymbal. It gives you a good idea of the warm, lush, euphonic wash when Paste says that this 18” is well suited for class applications and mallet rolls. Killer.

  • Also the controlled tone makes it an absolutely fantastic controlled Light Ride. The 18” size gives it a quick response while the squared-off bell makes it controlled both in volume and overtones!

  • A stunning Paiste that hardly anyone has…or even had!

  • Amazing shape - especially for being nearly 20 years old. Clean sounding and clean looking!

  • A beautiful choice for playing and collecting. A very rare Paiste.