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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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$339.99 - $339.99
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  • Here's an amazing DARK, ultra WARM Ride that’s easily crashable. The perfect Left Side Crash Ride. It blows the Beautiful Baby away! 

  • And it’s in a very rare and more controlled 19” size.  You never see these! And definitely not as a factory Sizzle. It’s the only one I’ve ever seen. 

  • And hell, you never get to HEAR these either. But not chez Hazelshould! Listen to your heart’s content so you can buy with confidence.  

  • 1678 grams - plays like a controlled Thin to Medium Thin with the lightest, controlled afterglow. 

  • This particular Sultan is stamped "Jazz Ride", which Mehmet describes as: "Hot, dark, controlled sound, smooth and low bell.  Jazz Ride has a smoother and lower bell than the regular model."

  • As you can see, this Sultan Series is Half-Lathed and Half-Unlathed, and Heavily Hammered throughout. The underside is fully Lathed.  A gorgeous, hand-crafted instrument!

  • Mehmets take on the Sultan cymbals as a whole:
    “Sultan cymbals are a combination of the Traditional and the Turk Series. The sound has unique brilliant characteristics of the Traditional cymbal sounds and the dry & woody sound of the unlathed Turk cymbal series. The top of the cymbal has an unlathed cup producing a strong, compact bell sound and an unlathed concentric circle on the bow reducing overtone and drying the sound. The bottom of the cymbal is completely lathed.  Mellow Tone. Great Stick Definition. Controlled Overtones."

  • And that is accurate!

  • This rare - sized Mehmet 19” plays like a Dark and fairly CONTROLLED LIGHT or Thin Crash Ride Sizzle. I would not call this cymbal super dry (like some Turk Rides), although the wash is fairly focused, compliments of the unlathed portions and the smaller and more focused 19” size. 

  • The pitch is medium-low to low. The bell measures a generous 5” and is Unlathed and provides a solid "DING" tone. And that’s quite an accomplishment on such a thin 19”. 

  • You can draw different tones out of this cymbal when playing on different surfaces....lathed or unlathed. When you ride this cymbal at the outer edge, it really opens up and makes for a great THIN DARK Crash/Ride. 

  • Two factory rivets keep one foot in vintage land. Stunning! 

  • CRASHES LIKE A DREAM!!!  Have a listen. 

  • DARK, medium-low in pitch, slightly SMOKEY, very warm and organic for a Sultan, and fairly focused and controlled. A beautiful sounding Hand Hammered 19” that can occupy many positions on the drum set! 

  • Immaculate. Only played for the video. 

  • This is an incredible cymbal. Guaranteed. And you hardly ever see them, much less hear them!