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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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$379.99 - $379.99
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  • Take an unlathed RAW THIN Turk or Masters Vintage 22”, and now add a Pre-Aged Factory BLACKENED FINISH to dry it out even MORE! 

  • Now make it incredibly THIN and bendable.  

  • Viola!!  

  • That’s the genius of this very hard to find Bosphorus 22”. It’s one of the coolest newer cymbals I’ve heard. 

  • Have a look! Have a listen! 

  • An unlathed, heavily Hand Hammered RAW 22” with a beautiful blueish-blackened smoky hue. 

  • Thin easily bendable edges but DRY! 

  • It can be a Thin Dry Dark Ride or a HUGE Dry Complex Crash. 
  • Stunning large circular Hand Hammering throughout.

  • It has one foot in Turk Series and one foot in a completely new DRY SERIES I’ve never even dreamt of! 

  • Absolutely fantastic straight up stick attack - compliments of the smoky Pre-Aged finish, the smaller Master Vintage Series style bell gives this beauty a wonderful, controlled wash that decays quickly.   

  • Still has the earthy, dark and complex tone of a Turk, however it’s much more controlled and focused with an even faster decay.  

  • Gorgeous super big fast crash or effect style crash when shouldered - yet still very dry and organic. 

  • At only 1820 grams it plays like a Paper Thin Dry earthy Ride or Crash. 1820 would be thin for a 20”.  This is a 22”! 

  • It’s medium low pitched but has an initial broad spread. 
  • Unlathed.  Hand Hammered. Organic. Easily bendable. Super dark eith complexity but very controlled annd quick.  Earthy  Dry. Fast decay. 
  • Immaculate condition. Factory created like this. Factory Pre-Aged alternate take on a Thin Turk Crash Ride. 

  • Classy factory Gold Logo.

  • Looks amazing. Sounds amazing. A unique and fascinating 22”.