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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

DARK SMOOTH Zildjian KEROPE 20” Ride Crash Sizzle 2082 g CLEAN Versatile Discontinued

Original price $449.99 - Original price $449.99
Original price
$449.99 - $449.99
Current price $449.99
  • Here’s a gorgeous Istanbul Agop Cymbal that has a Zildjian logo on it. Hahahaha ohhhh come on!! We all know this is Zildjian just biting off the Agop Signature.  But I will say, Zildjian did create a tasty morsel!  

  • Hell, you can’t even get these Keropes anymore!  They’re discontinued.  Or at least have been out-of-stock for 2 years! 

  • And there is no need to guess at what a cymbal sounds like!  Never chez Hazelshould! That’s blasphemous! I have this in stock and you can listen all day  so you can buy with confidence! 

  • This particular one is amazing - we all commented on his beauty when we were recording it this week at the studio.
  • Beautiful sounding exceptionally DARK, very mellow and even Kerope MULTI Light Ride or Thin Crash Ride 20”. 

  • This particular 20” Kerope is smooth and balanced and dark sounding with a medium low pitch for the 20”.  It plays like a more mellow and controlled 22” but the response is quicker. 

  • Factory pre-aged patina gives this Zildjian an old-school, semi-dry tone and vintage look and vibe. 

  • The attack is prominent and controlled but has a light sweetness to it.  

  • Vintage Zildjian Istanbul K styled bell.  

  • 2082 grams factory labeled under the bell -very mellow and controlled and balanced attack/wash ratio. 

  • Crashes great with a dark, dryness to it. Not overly smoky.  

  • Outfitted with 2 rivets for the lightest Old School tone - absolutely killer. 

  • Perfect for very low to medium loud settings. Gorgeous under the mic.   

  • Can be easily be a Main Ride, Crash or Left Side Crash Ride. 

  • Amazing condition - no issues. A very even and euphonic version of this Zildjian. 

  • And these are becoming harder and harder to find. This one sings!