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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Amazing Dark Semi-Dry Vintage Zildjian 80s K RIDE 20” Sizzle 2310 g

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Original price
$349.99 - $349.99
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  • “But Gerry, I want DARK and LOW…AND DRY! But no do dry that there’s no warmth! I need warmth too dammit!” 

  • I know, I know, I’ve heard your pleas!

  • And I have the answer!!

  • This 35+ year old Vintage 1980s Zildjian Earlier K  20” RIDE!

  • This is an absolutely phenomenal sounding 80s Zildjian - a studio should grab this.  It does a lot!

  • A lower profile with the mellowness of nearly 40 years behind it.  One of the nicest sounding dark and mellow K Rides you will find! 
  • All this indeed creates a very dark and low-pitched sounding semi-dry K.  Along with the 80s style K Hammering and lathing.

  • Now add a robust, round bell, and you have one hell of a great sounding all-around 20” K that can crashes well and also cut a mix with a solid “DING.” 

  • 2310 grams - like a Medium Thin but it’s DRY! Compliments of that 3 plus decade old patina. 

  • Super dark and low with a billowing wash when crashed upon. Warm and no overly trashy like a lot of modern cymbals are. 

  • VERY DRY and pronounced stick articulation.  It’s surprisingly DRY for a fully lathed cymbal, again that’s the deep patina. 

  • Perfect for low to loud settings. Roars like a beat when crashed upon.  This 20” K CUTS and still remains dark. 

  • Outfitted with 3 brass rivets for a glorious subtle rain-on-the-roof sizzle. Remove to your liking but I wouldn’t leave them in. 

  • The perfect Main Ride or Left Side Crash Ride. 

  • New Zildjians Ks sound nothing like this - if you’re a cymbal fan then you know the truth I speak. 

  • Excellent condition. No issues. Harder to find earlier K. 

  • You can easily just bring this one cymbal to the gig. 

  • Stick. Bell. Crash. Sizzle.

  • Happiness guaranteed.  This thing is amazing.