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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

SWEET Complex Massive 23” Bosphorus LYRIC Ari Hoenig Ride Crash ONLY 2330 g MINT

Original price $439.99 - Original price $439.99
Original price
$439.99 - $439.99
Current price $439.99
  • Very hard to actually find outside of a stock photo, fantastic sounding and wonderfully SWEET, Hand Hammered, semi-complex Bosphorus ARI HOENIG Signature LYRIC 23” Multi Crash or Ride in amazing shape.  Only played for the video! 

  • This one is wonderfully THIN too at only 2330 grams. 

  • Have a listen!  No need to guess at what this colossal 23” sounds like! Buy with confidence!   

  • This one is particularly gorgeous because it has a delicate sweetness to it!!  No cymbal sounds like this. And at this weight it crashes with ease. 

  • Here's what Bosphorus has to say about the Lyric Series:
    "Lyric Series cymbals designed together with Ari Hoenig and took a year to accomplish the challenging development period. These Cymbals reflects the extraordinary musical character of Ari Hoenig and combines different tones in a brilliant way."

  • Weighing in at a wonderfully thin 2330 grams, this unique 23” plays like a Thin to Paper Thin Crash Ride.  It can easily be a crash or ride! It’s magnificent at both.  

  • As you can see there is a plethora of hammering techniques on this one. The outer 2.5" is traditionally lathed and hammered, the inner 18” has additional heavy hand hammering - that's a lot of work.

  • The tone is exceptionally warm, very smooth - one of the smoothest I’ve ever heard, and semi-complex but it has a smoothness to it.  

  • Great beautiful, light stick attack followed by a glowing, sweet and smooth sounding Hand Hammered wash.

  • The edges bend with ease and it’s remarkably responsive, even at low volumes.  Sounds incredible even with mallets.

  • A beautiful sounding cymbal - one of the best in this series I’ve ever heard. 

  • Great for quiet to loud. The 23” size gives it an extra gear in volume. 

  • Immaculate condition. A stunning instrument that’s not an easy score. One of the nicest I’ve heard too.