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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Massive 2 FOOT Paper Thin 24” Unlathed Raw Masterwork Crash Ride 2370 g TURK

Original price $369.99 - Original price $369.99
Original price
$369.99 - $369.99
Current price $369.99
  • Imagine if you could summon a dragon with a swipe of your stick, but this time the dragon was actually friendly, he might even help you. I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way when playing this unique, massive,  paper-thin, unlathed, raw Masterwork 24” Crash Ride.

  • Stunning 2 feet of beauty with edges that wobble like a manta ray! 

  • If you can find another Turk 24” like this it will run you $680. 

  • As you can see, this two-foot leviathan has a Turk Series vibe to it - raw, unlathed, and heavily hand-hammered. At a stunningly thin 2370 grams this is one of the THINNER 24s” you will find. That weight would be thin on a 22”. 

  • When played lightly you get a beautiful, organic, dark, light-ride tone - a very Brian Blade vibe.

  • Crash on it and it wobbles all over hell in a beautiful fashion. 

  • This 24” is an absolute joy to play - dark, dry, mesmerizing, edge-wobble wash. At a super thin 2370 grams, it never gets too loud. Stunning with mallets as well. 

  • Opens quickly and decays quickly for a cymbal this big.   

  • Immaculate condition. Only played for the video. That’s it!

  • A sonic steal at this price! Istanbuls are $700.