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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Rare CLEAN Vintage Paiste 602 Medium Ride 20” 2382 g DARK SMOOTH

Original price $549.99 - Original price $549.99
Original price
$549.99 - $549.99
Current price $549.99
  • This is one of the cleanest vintage 602s you will find! It looks a few months old.  But it’s well over 40 years old! 

  • No need to pay big money for a “Re-issue” that is just trying to do what this stunning ULTRA CLEAN 602 has been doing for the last 40 + years.

  • 20” Factory stamped “MEDIUM RIDE.” 

  • This is one of the smoothest and finest Vintage Paistes that you will encounter. Guaranteed. 

  • And it has a great darkness to it.  Smooth and dark and as clean looking as it is sounding.  

  • This particular beauty has the pronounced, fanned out hammering that makes the surface ripple. 

  • 2382 grams provides the perfect elixir of dark, subtle chime-like stick attack, but still thin enough to crash exceptionally well!  Overall it’s focused and controlled. 

  • Darker, lower-pitched, solid bell and with more character than the newer versions. 

  • This beauty has aged nearly 50 years and it looks 6 months old! 

  • Amazing from soft to loud - any genre. This is the tone that our Paiste on the map over half-a-century ago! 

  • Play it with love and it will serve you well. 

  • No need to get the stiff big box store one. This Black Label Original is one of the cleanest Vintage 602s you will find and it celebrates the history and legacy.  Keep it clean and it will increase in value.