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RARE Vintage Paiste SOUND CREATION 20” MELLOW Ride Sizzle 2462 g CLEAN Almost Flat

Original price $499.99 - Original price $499.99
Original price
$499.99 - $499.99
Current price $499.99
  • This is an absolutely gorgeous sounding, unique Vintage Paiste - a very special sounding nearly 50 year old Paiste that no one else has like this. 
  • Aaaaaaaaaalmost a FLAT RIDE, but with a pinch more body and a subtle light Vintage sizzle.

  •  And this is one of THE CLEANEST and SMOOTHEST ones I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to conceive this gorgeous cymbals is nearly half-century-old. 

  • This cymbal is from 1976! But it looks like it could be from February 6th! It’s that clean! 

  • Here’s an exceedingly RARE PAISTE from what many people feel was their golden era:

  • The Original SOUND CREATION MELLOW RIDE 20”. And this one is outfitted with 4 rivets in the cardinal directions for a glorious, glowing shimmer. 

  • What made this Vintage series unique is that it had more soul and body and character than other Paiste Series. Paiste are famous for their clean and predictable tones. And that’s great, but they are also known to lack character.

  • That’s where the Sound Creation Series is different. Debuting in the 1970s, luminaries like Jack DeJohnette famously used Sound Creations because we’re not the traditional cookie-cutter Paiste tones. They came from a different direction than the predictably Swiss sounds.

  • Weighing in at delectable 2462 grams this Mellow Ride lives up to its name. As you can see it is Flat Ride adjacent.  It’s perhaps the only Mini Bell I’ve ever seen Paiste offer. And it’s super Mini. 

  • Flat Rides and Mini Cups have naturally controlled overtones and volumes. And that is exactly the case with this glowing 20”.  The stick attack is magnificent, very light, and chime-like with a defined pin-point articulation. The ensuing wash is DARK, and well….MELLOW.

  • This Vintage Paiste makes good on its promise. It’s the kind of cymbal that can be your voice. You can build a sound palette around this unique Sound Creation.

  • Very dark, subtle chime-like stick attack, very controlled and focused wash that does not overpower the definition or a setup. Super smooth warmth with the lightest vintage sibilance - complements of those four rivets.  

  • Why the hell pay more for a ubiquitous big-box store Paiste Flat that everyone can grab?

  • This is the only Sound Creation Mellow Ride Sizzle I’ve ever seen!

  • Play something unique!  And this is one of the CLEANEST Vintage Sound Creations - from 1976. 

  • It’s a joy to play an original! And it’s one of the cleanest you’ll find!