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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

PERFECT In BAG BIG Complex Meinl BYZANCE Jazz Medium Thin Ride 22” 2464 g CRASH

Original price $439.99 - Original price $439.99
Original price
$439.99 - $439.99
Current price $439.99
  • No need to pay $560 on a guess on a stock photo Meinl! Damn!

  • No need to do that! Listen away so that you can buy with confidence.  
  • Meinl has made a cannonball-ed-sized splash in the cymbal world with their Byzance Series and crash cymbals like this one are the reason why. They also like this cymbal too considering they charge over half-a-grand for it! 

  • Meinl BYZANCE Jazz Medium Thin Ride (or Crash)  in a generous 22” size and in IMMACULATE Condition in the bag.   

  • Weighing a lovely and thinner 2464  grams this 22”is indeed THIN to Medium Thin but it still has quite the ability to cut - it’s very complex and full sounding! And it makes a hell of a beautiful large LIGHT COMPLEX RIDE or stunningly dark Crash Ride! 

  • And it’s dark and complex nature makes it a natural choice for jazz.  But as Meinl promises, its not just reserved for that genre.  

  • Meinl describes this Jazz Medium Thin as:
    “Low pitched sound, yet with very nice washy overtones. Warm and full-bodied stick response with a soft buttery feel. Huge spread with a long sustain.” 

  • And that is all accurate. However I would add that this being the larger 22” version it has a great rich, lower complexity to it.  Lush and amazing.

  • Very light and airy, complex ride tone. 

  • Dark. Very complex but anchored in the medium low pitched frequencies. Responsive but still full enough to project when you really lay into the edge.

  • Medium low profile. 

  • Can easily be used as a massive THIN Dark Crash. 

  • Immaculate and only played for the video. No need to throw down $560 on a stock photo guess!  Listen to this one.