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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Unique MATT BETTIS Ultra Complex Ride Pang 22” 2519 g PERFECT

Original price $599.99
Original price $599.99 - Original price $599.99
Original price $599.99
Current price $549.99
$549.99 - $549.99
Current price $549.99

  • Here’s a unique wonder! An extremely rare and collectible 22”. 

  • I can truly say I've lived a charmed life - I'VE WITNESSED MATT BETTIS IN THE DEPTH OF HIS CRAFT, and it was a beautiful thing to see, and he's a damn nice guy too.

  • There are no little Matt Bettis minions in hair nets running around, machine-making cymbals on conveyor belts while Matt Bettis smokes cigars on his gilded yacht. Each Bettis cymbal is crafted by him and in a world of mass production, his one-cymbal-at-a-time approach is a welcomed fresh breeze.

  • A legend in his own time and this unique ULTRA COMPLEX Ride Pang Crash is a testament to his craft!

  • Signed by the man himself under the bell! 

  • A spectacular 22” with a very, very STEEP profile! So steep in fact that this beauty can pass as a PANG. 

  • It looks like a pagoda - that’s how steep the profile is. 

  • Golden and aging spectacularly. The metal is starting to chill and settle and soften up. 

  • Weighing in at a Thin to Medium Thin 2519 grams, this hand-crafted 22” plays like a Smoky COMPLEX Thin Ride or even straight-up  PANG CRASH.  

  • It’s extremely responsive. 

  • Fully lathed with a golden hue, the bell is rounded over snd heavily Hammered. The profile is steep and umbrella-shaped landing this big 22” in a unique, effects-like Pang Ride Crash zone. 

  • Nothing like it out there! 
  • Organic, incredibly COMPLEX, smoky stick attack gives way to a VERY broad, complex warm wash that billows out beautifully. 

  • It plays like a Thin to Paper Thin but it has enough tension in the middle to hold a good stick attack. 

  • One of the most responsive Bettis cymbals I’ve ever seen. 

  • Huge dynamic range - from a whisper to a roar! 

  • Amazing shape. No issues. Incredible shape. 

  • It buoys the spirit to play something not mass-produced. 

  • Incredibly rare and collectible - made by the man!!