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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

UNIQUE Paiste PROTOTYPE MASTERS DRY Ride 22” 2616 g Dry w/ Crashability

Original price $479.99 - Original price $479.99
Original price
$479.99 - $479.99
Current price $479.99
  • “Give me your rare, your custom, your prototypes yearning to be free!” 

  • I love the unique! And so my eyes and ears bloomed upon this encounter! A PAISTE Masters PROTOTYPE 22 DRY with a LATHED BELL!!! 

  • Why the hell shell out $650 for the regular-ass big box store Masters when you can own a one-off piece that can be your signature. 

  • As you can see this rara-avis is a Masters DRY RIDE but with a golden, fully lathed BELL! 🌸🌸 blooming! 🌻

  • Factory stamped “RIDE 22” PROTOTYPE” under the bell. You hardly ever see that.  

  • At 2616 grams this 22” offers that Masters Dry stick attack but yields a bit more body, warmth and crashability than the standard store model. 

  • Goldilocks zone and tone for dry with the lightest hint of complexity! Beautiful golden bell has that generous Paiste cut that made them famous. 

  • Also creates jealousy and envy from other drummers - and who doesn’t love that story! 🟢🟢 envy blooming! 

  • Beautiful factory DRY patina. Strong logos. Fantastic shape. A collectible beauty! 

  • You won’t find this Rare Paiste Prototype anywhere else!