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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Hard to Find Paiste MASTERS 22” FLAT RIDE 2717 g PERFECT Why Pay $650?

Original price $459.99 - Original price $459.99
Original price
$459.99 - $459.99
Current price $459.99
  • Damn!! Paiste just raised their prices!! This thing is $650 now! And they’re distributed by the diamond magnate DE BEERS family!

  • Fortunately you need not suffer such an ignoble fate as staring at stock photos as guessing at cymbal tones. I happen to live on a Paiste mining vein.

  • And you can sample this exact 22” before you buy while saving a lot of money. Have a listen!!

  • With this beautiful 2717 gram Masters Dark Flat 22”, Paiste magically combined organic and woody with a light, crystalline shimmer - not an easy feat, especially on a Flat Ride.

  • Controlled both in volume and overtones. Warm. Dark. Focused but still with hint of Hand Hammered complexity. Surprisingly light and delicate glassy shimmer in the wash.

  • One of the nicest cymbals Paiste ever produced! Dark and clean and in a generous 22”.  Glorious!  

  • Immaculate condition Very hard to actually find one of these in action outside of the NAMM show - then they just remain on back order…or disappear.