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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

ULTRA RARE 24” Vintage Zildjian ISTANBUL K 3692 g DARK DRY

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Original price $3,499.99
Original price $3,499.99 - Original price $3,499.99
Original price $3,499.99
Current price $2,999.99
$2,999.99 - $2,999.99
Current price $2,999.99
  • I’ll keep this one simple:

  • If you want a signature sound, it’s starts here. And ends here. 

  • Massive 24” Vintage Zildjian Istanbul K. 

  • I’ve seen about 3 of these in the last 30 years. The wait pays off. It’s one of the rarest, most collectible cymbals I’ve ever encountered. 

  • This is the cymbal cymbal-makers have been trying to make for eons. 

  • Dark. Dry. Low. Organic. Brooding. Lower pitched with a unique, hand shaped bell that measures 6.5”. 

  • Even among Istanbul Ks this 24” stands above, it has an ineffable musicality. It’s just its own instrument and it’s a joy to explore. 

  • Stunning, striated, deep lathing patterns on the surface, very wavy Old World Hand Hammering gives this 2 foot beauty an intensely rippled surface. 

  • There’s no mistaking it. 

  • 3692 grams. 
  • Dark, chocolate brown half-century old patina matches the sound.

  • No issues. Hand made.  Glorious.

  • Thinking of starting a cymbal company - start with this. It’s as nice a piece as you will ever see. 

  • This Zildjian Istanbul K 24” is to be celebrated for its history, cultural musical significance, artistry, and its sound.

  • Forged in Turkey, it’s been making music for the last half-a-century and has much more to say.

  • When perched on your kit, you don’t walk by…you sit down…and take one moment longer.