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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

ULTRA CLEAN ORIGINAL 1984 Paiste RUDE Hihats 14” 880 1142 g THE FAMOUS

Original price $399.99 - Original price $399.99
Original price
$399.99 - $399.99
Current price $399.99
  • Why the hell spend more money on the Re-issues when you can just GET THE ISSUES - not “RE” needed.

  • And for less money too.

  • Holy hell are these ORIGINAL Paiste Rude HIHATS Clean - the cleanest I’ve ever seen. And they’re from 1984 - an auspicious year for Paiste!  

  • As many of you know, Paiste created the RUDE series in 1980 to quench the thirst of rock and punk players (although there were a few jazz enthusiasts who used them too.) The unlathed and heavily hammered Rudes offered an unprecedented explosive cut and sustain that held up both sonically and structurally in loud volume settings.

  • Paiste described these RUDE Hihats as:
    "Medium bright, raw, full, energetic. Wide range, complex mix. Heavy, full feel. Raw, full, loud open soun Tight, full, cutting chick sound. Versatile, all-round hi-hat for loud playing."

  • The weights on these Rudes are 880 grams for the Top Cymbal and 1141 grams for the Bottom Cymbal.

  • The tone of these RUDE Hihats is FULL and semi-dark and a bit dirtier than 2002s. They're definitely more Raw sounding. Their projection is fantastic. AND and 880 grams the Top Cymbal is still responsive at medium volumes as well.

  • And these LOOK like they’re a few weeks old!  It’s incredible!  They’re the Originals but they LOOK like they’re could be the new ones!

  • Except there’s no mistaking the purity of that FAMOUS, EARLY Original RUDE TONE! The Re-Issues don’t do this!