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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Super Complex Meinl BYZANCE JAZZ TRADITION Hihats 14” 910 1022 g IMMACULATE IN BAG

Original price $399.99 - Original price $399.99
Original price
$399.99 - $399.99
Current price $399.99
  • Some of the most COMPLEX sounding Hihats you will hear, and they are immaculate and in the bag perfect! 

  • No need to throw down $600 on a stock photo guess! 

  • MEINL Byzance JAZZ Tradition 14” Hihats.  

  • These particular Byzance Jazz Traditions are exceptionally complex-sounding - even for Meinl.  

  • Very Light and airy sounding - VINTAGE meets modern tone. 

  • Meinl describes these hihats as: 
    Lightweight hihat with a defined stick response, complex sound character, and a smooth chick. Blends well with other cymbals and has a comfortable feel.
    Scattered lathing pattern — the top surface of the cymbals features spaced-out lathing patterns that expose the raw B20 for a hint of dry articulation — the narrow band of area near the edge is fully lathed to smooth out the sound and feel.
    Steep bow — Byzance Jazz Tradition cymbals are easily identified by their steep bow, which gives the cymbals an echo-y dark sound in the middle to higher frequency range — the steep bow shape also enhances stick.” 
  • And that indeed is accurate. 
  • As you can see the inner 12” has an alternate gold/brown wide lathing while the outer 2”  are golden and fully lathed. The underside is fully lathed for added warmth. 

  • The profile is very steep and umbrella-shaped which contributes to its very complex nature. 

  • At 910 and 1022 grams, they play like Light to Medium Light Hihats and are very responsive. 

  • They’ve come alive with the slightest brush of a stick.  The complexity gives them an added lightness and delicate tone and response. 

  • As promised. Perfect for very low to medium loud settings. 

  • Immaculate shape. In the bag.