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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

RARE Dark Crisp Matt BETTIS 14” HIHATS 927 1020 g PERFECT Amazing

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$499.99 - $499.99
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  • I find the world of cymbal-smithing much like the early Christian church.  I won’t dare anoint a messianic figure - like religion, cymbalsmithing is much too personal. Although the abundance of Italian pontiffs is not lost on me, #spizzichino.

  • St. Paul hails from Tarsus, Turkey. Once again, no surprise that the gospel of cymbals that flooded our music empire, hails from Turkey.

  • And as the early church progressed through the decades and centuries, up sprung prophets and preachers, saints and confessors, martyrs and desert ascetics and even the Counsel of NICEA.  #chicagodrumshow

  • For me, Matt BETTIS is St. Jerome, not for his ascetic off-the-grid living (although that’s completely on brand,) #idahowoods … but because as St Jerome modernized the Hebrew Bible to the Latin vulgate, Matt BETTIS modernized the cymbal bible to the vernacular.

  • And if you’re wondering if I’m drunk on roasted salsa, allow me to invoke St. Augustine’s immortal words:
    “Oh Lord, give me chastity.  But do not give it yet!”

  • Immaculate Dark and wonderfully CRISP sounding Matt Bettis 14s” Hihats at a perfect 927 and 1020 grams. Signed by the The Man himself!