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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Rare Istanbul Mehmet LEGEND DRY 14” Hihats 942 1162 g PERFECT Dark Smooth

Original price $359.99 - Original price $359.99
Original price
$359.99 - $359.99
Current price $359.99
  • There's no need to spend $580 on Meinl Byzance or Zildjian Light Hats. That’s silly!! 

  • These gorgeous hand-hammered Istanbul 14s” have a glorious, dark, fat, lower-pitched tone that’s wonderfully smooth! 

  • And these are some of the newer Istanbul creations! 
  • Istanbul’s LEGEND Series (also known as the MEL LEWIS Series) is, well, legendary. 

  • It has long been one of Agop and Mehmet’s best-selling series. It put them on the map 30 years ago.

  • Mehmet expanded the series and these LEGEND DRY Hats are some of my favorites. As you can see these 14” hats have a thin alternating gold/raw lathing.  Very Agop SE Special Edition vibe - Ish. 

  • The result is a stunning, DARK, semi-dry stick attack when closed with a smoky, organic, fairly complex wash that dissipates quickly when opened and retains a refined smoothness. 

  • Beautiful dark sizzle when you open them up and play them loosely, clamp down for a tight, crisp, DARK, massive grooves. 
  • Dark. wonderfully lower pitched for 14s”, a great blend of complex and smooth! 

  • This pair is in IMMACULATE condition. These 14s” are quite rare.  And they’re a JOY to play. 

  • Some of the best cymbals they make. Very hard to find today. 

  • K killers.