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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Unique Sabian Custom Prototype HH Hi Bell Hot Ride + Sig 21" 2265 g CLEAN

Original price $439.99 - Original price $439.99
Original price
$439.99 - $439.99
Current price $439.99
  • It's West Side Story: A Sabian Hot Ride has fallen in love with an Agop Signature and this is their Love Child, but no one should hide this from the world. 

  • I love Sabian’s penchant for innovation and experimentation - there are many cymbals and styles that they have pioneered. This particular Custom Shop Creation is a beautiful example of their dedication to new sounds.

  • Take a good look at this beauty. It has a High-Bell that only measures 4.5" across giving this 21" a unique profile.

  • As you can see, there are inner and outer bands that are fully lathed and the HH style hammering resembles the André Ceccarelli Signature Hot Ride, and it is even in the same 21" size. However, the middle plain of the cymbal has sparse lathing like an Agop Sig or Special Edition style cymbal. The result is a gorgeous 21" that has the warmth and the mellowness of the HH Hot Ride mixed with a pinch of Agop hand-hammered smokiness.

  • Razor-thin edges provide the perfect crash ability. Factory quotes "HH" and "2265" under the Bell. V Custom Shop logo on the underside. Amazing condition. This is one of the nicest mellow, dark, controlled Sabians you will find.