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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Unique Greg Gaylord CHOKTE KOK Segment 6.5” X 14” Snare GORGEOUS

Original price $799.99 - Original price $799.99
Original price
$799.99 - $799.99
Current price $799.99
  • Rare, stunning CHOTKE KOK Greg Gaylord Drum Solo Segment Block 6.5” X 14” Snare in beautiful condition.

  • Look at the pictures of this snare!  The wood is absolutely stunning!  And for the price of a regular ass ply DW snare….you can have a unique, hand crafted snare made from one of the finest drum manufacturers in the industry.

  • Before working for Craviotto Drums, Greg introduced many of us to the beauty and unique tone of segment drums through his own creations - each drum a custom masterpiece. Renown for his meticulous attention to detail and exquisite woods, Greg is also one off he nicest guys who ever applied a clear coat!

  • This Chokte Kok deep 6.5” has a very crisp, articulate, dry tone that sounds phenomenal and celebrates the art of it all.

  • Here are the specs:

  • Segment Chokte Kok 6.5” X 14” Snare - hand written “Chokte Kok” on the inside of the shell and signed by Greg himself.

  • Unbelievably beautiful exotic wood!

  • 10 vintage style tube lugs.  

  • Super smooth R Class Throwoff works perfectly.  

  • Puresound wires. Clean Remo Heads on top and bottom.  

  • Stunning High Gloss Lacquer is gorgeous. One of the finest you will see.  

  • Incredible attack with a beautiful, semi-dry tone. Very articulate with a bit a darkness and low end to it - compliments of the deeper 6.5” size.

  • Typical light wear/use. Overall clean.

  • A joy to own and play a unique drum from one of the nicest and most talented drum builders!

  • No one has this beautiful drum.