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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

CLEAN Zildjian PING Ride 20” 2825 g Strong Articulation! Don’t Pay $350!

Original price $169.99 - Original price $169.99
Original price
$169.99 - $169.99
Current price $169.99
  • The most famous of all Zildjian Rides! The PING! It put them on the rock and roll map 50 years ago.  

  • And there’s no need to go $350 deep on a stock photo guess on a new one! That’s silly! 

  • Listen to this exact cymbal so you can buy with confidence! 

  •  Clean and clear sounding Zildjian 20” PING Ride in fantastic condition! 

  • PING for days! And with a CUTTING bell too and that downwards flanged Ping edge for a bit of projection. 
  • Weighing in at a perfect  2825 grams, this 20" has a Medium Heavy constitution-exactly what you would expect from a Ping Zildjian. 

  • The attack is tight and aggressive and remarkably PING-Y! The tone is semi-dry and semi bright and fairly focused. Overall a pinch darker than other Pings. 

  • The pitch is medium to medium high and cuts superbly and the overtones gravitate toward the high end which yields a great cutting attack. 

  • The bell is very solid and cuts extremely well like a Rock Ride. 

  • Crash Ride on the edge for a massive wall of white noise that’s like you’re in Black Sabbath. 

  • Classic tone that’s heard so often it’s in our subconscious.  

  • No issues. Aged and mellow without sounding as brittle as new cymbals do. Overall clean. 

  • And not $350. Not even close!