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MADE IN JAPAN Yamaha BEECH CUSTOM 5.5” X 14” Snare Rare BLUEBERRY Lacquer

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  • Here’s a fantastic sounding, hard to find Yamaha Snare from the halcyon Made In Japan days - before everything got moved to the China factory. 

  • The Made in Japan years define an era of drum manufacturing for Yamaha - in the early 1980s they took the drum world by storm with their painstaking attention to detail and their super clean, recording-friendly tone. 

  • This hard to find 5.5” X 14” BEECH CUSTOM Snare hails from that bygone era. 

  • Crisp and articulate with the beautiful tone of Beech! Slightly dry and throaty sounding - a pinch Vintage even - which is rare for Yamaha. 

  • Yamaha does everything meticulously and this Blueberry Lacquer Snare is a testament to their craft! 

  • Here is how they described the tone:
    Yamaha has long believed that professional quality shells must be made from the same quality wood materials. In keeping with that tradition, Yamaha's Beech Custom series joins the Maple custom and Recording Custom series to form a powerful trio of professional quality drums.
    100% Beech Wood Plies.
    Using 100% beech wood plies, the Beech Custom series produces a drum sound of professional quality that parallels Yamaha's drum-making philosophy. This new series incorporate traditional style chromes plated lugs and YESS mounts on both toms and floor toms. Its sharp and well-centered tone lies between the soft full tone of maple and the hard, sharp tone of birch. Tuning is easily performed and allows for use in a wide range of musical styles.“

  • There you go!!  That is accurate.  

  • Ten lugs.  Super smooth Factory Throwoff. Yamaha Factory wires. Overall very clean! 

  • Brand new REMO heads.  

  • Articulate at a whisper.  Fantastic cutting attack when laying down “2 + 4”. 

  • Discontinued and hard to find.