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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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$1,299.99 - $1,299.99
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  • Hear’s something special:

  • A super VINTAGE Styled Unique, One-Off Custom CRAVIOTTO 6 LUG SOLID POPLAR Deep 7” X 14” Snare with 30 degree edges and Maple Re-Rings in a beautiful AQUA GOLD DUCO Finish.  

  • That’s a mouthful! And a delicious one! 

  • I’ve never seen another Factory 6 Lug Craviotto Snare and definitely not one in Vintage Aqua Duco. And it’s a brilliant!  As many a session drummer knows, Black Beauties are amazing for that certain tone, but at the other end of the spectrum, every good studio has a 6 Lug Snare in the quiver for that monster fat, warm, woody tone.  

  • Here are lovely specs: 

  • Very Rare Craviotto Solid Poplar Shell with Maple Re-Rings. 

  • Deep 7” X 14” Size. Tons of low end. Way more than most snare drums. 

  • 6, yes 6 Tube Lugs for a wide open and super FAT Vintage tone. I mean really fat sounding - solid and six lugs! That’s a beautiful solid shell that has maximum resonance and is unencumbered by ten lugs etc. 

  • Factory 30 degree vintage style edges. 

  • Craviotto Trick Throwoff works perfectly. 

  • Diamond Craviotto Factory Wires are clean. Craviotto Factory bottom head.  Top head is a clean REMO Coated Emperor. 

  • Diamond Craviotto stamp on the inside of the shell with Craviotto “Made in USA” badge and signature.

  • Unique Vintage style Aqua Gold Duco - like the Vintage Ludwigs of yore. 

  • Absolutely glorious to play! Massive, round and warm attack. Low-end for days. Leave it wide open for body and resonance or put moon gel or paper on it for an incredible 70s tone.

  • Immaculate condition! Perfect.  Playable.  Collectible.  Nothing I’ve seen like this beauty - factory 6 Lug Solid!